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A College Admissions Blog

Free Ivy League Courses

As college admission consultants we advise students on how to get in to Ivy League and other selective universities. We mentor and coach students through all aspects of their application process, including their college admission essays and interviews, but the most important aspect of what we do, if we meet a student early enough in the process, is help them develop and pursue their intellectual interests. 

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The Best Deal in Education

Going to college is expensive. It is so expensive that many are beginning to question its wo rth through a cost/benefit analysis.  Of course, there needs to be a distinction made between educati on, which few question as a universal good, and four or more years away at a college.   Many of you may remember the scene from the film, Good Will Hunting, where the autodidact Will (played by Matt Damon) outshines his Harvard educated interlocutor in a barroom debate of sorts.  In the scene, Will points out the fact that he can get the same education for the price of a library card, Free!  Read More